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Tactical Combatives

Combat on the screen is nothing like combat in real life. The art is to blur the line between both.

I began studying martial arts at the age of 12. I began teaching when I was 16. It wasn’t until I began studying under what I can only define as modern day warriors… true fighters… from France and Tahiti, that I began my path in Tactical Combatives. What I do now is beyond Martial Arts.

As a trainer, I own my studio “KAIZEN: Tactical Combatives”. There I train children and adults, enthusiasts, and serious fighters. It’s my passion for filmmaking, and experience as a professionally trained stunt actor (by Phil O’Dell), that I blend the two worlds together.

What You Do… Defines You.

Martial Arts | Tactical Combatives | Stick & Knife | Guns

Martial Arts | Tactical Combat | Stunts | Choreography

I live in both worlds of Tactical Combat & Theatrical Mayhem!!!

Combat on the screen is nothing like combat for survival. As a professionally trained stunt actor, and lifelong practitioner of combative martial arts, I blur the line between both worlds.

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