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I Am a Filmmaker

I am a filmmaker. It's more than what I do... It is who I am. I may never see my work on the silver screen, I may never win any awards, and my name may someday be forgotten... But still I fight. I fight because I love this ind...

No Excuses

There are many who believe if you're not born into this industry with famous parents or born into lives of privilege, then you don't stand a chance at becoming a filmmaker, or at achieving success outside the "Normal, Real Worl...

Reputation is Everything

Reputation takes a lifetime to build, and a second to be destroyed. My reputation is something I'll defend with passionate ferocity. It's more valuable than any camera, lens, or lighting kit I could ever own. It is why I choos...

In Sanity, Florida

In Sanity, Florida is a new comedic drama series written and directed by See~Worthy Films. Marc Zatorsky and Shawn Morell have created an amazing production with a cast of 35 professional actors, and a full crew of film student...

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