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Throughout the course of my film career, I evolved from Extra, to Stunt Actor, to Camera Operator, to Director of Photography. My favorite role in film is definitely DP, though I enjoy any work which allows my creativity to take flight.
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If all you want to do is smile for the camera... please find a Walmart brand photographer. If you want to tell a story... then please contact me, as together we will create images worth being remembered!
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I've always been an artist. I originally worked with Pen & Ink, however when I discovered Photoshop and Illustrator... there was no going back. I now do 3D design, Logos, Branding, Websites, and all things nerd.

Fight Choreography

Before I was a filmmaker... I was and am a fighter. I've spent my entire life dedicated to the study and discipline of tactical combatives. For several years I trained in France and Tahiti, and now train fighters and enthusiasts. For fun... I like to create cinematic fight scenes and incorporate visual fx and just make movies.
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