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Nathan Grey


I Am Cinema is a professional Video & Photo Studio, where I work as a creative cinematographer, photographer, video editor, graphic designer, and fight choreographer.

My style is heavily focused on creating images that can only be defined as “Cinematic”. My work is inspired by nature,  film, video games, animation, and imagination. Aside from my work with cameras and computers… I’m also a fight choreographer and stunt actor. While creating cinematic visuals is my primary interest, a large majority of my work consists of corporate and commercial work.

I hope you enjoy this site and my work, and should you consider hiring me for your video, photo, or graphic design needs, I will offer the very best of what I have. My reputation is everything to me, and you will see it in the quality of service I deliver. Thank you.

Nathan Grey I Am Cinema
Nathan Grey I Am Cinema
Nathan Grey I Am Cinema
Nathan Grey I Am Cinema
Nathan Grey I Am Cinema
Nathan Grey I Am Cinema

I Create Cinematic Visuals

Nathan Grey I Am Cinema
Nathan Grey I Am Cinema

I am a Visual Storyteller

I am a filmmaker. It’s more than what I do… It is who I am. I may never see my work on the silver screen, I may never win any awards, and my name may someday be forgotten… But still I fight.

I fight because I love this industry, I love the stories, I love the visuals, I love the creativity, I love the imagination, and I love the work. I strive for success like everyone else, and I am no different or any better than those who strive for the same goals I do.

People may feel I’ve been wasting my life fighting to make this wild dream a reality… The reality is, it would be a waste of my life to not fight wildly for this dream.

The Journey is what shapes us… Not the Destination.

I wasn’t born into it. I wasn’t given any free rides. I don’t have all the greatest and latest toys in the business. That’s what makes the fight more exciting, more meaningful, and more worth achieving. The harder the fight, the greater the victory. Each small accomplishment is validation to continue.

Along this road, I will work with others as hungry, driven, and full of dreams as myself. However I’ll also have the misfortune to trust the wrong people and make some bad mistakes along the way.

However I promise this… I’ll remember those who fought along my side, and I’ll forget those who stabbed me from behind. I won’t forget the lessons I’ve learned and I’ll always fight to make my next project better than the last. In this industry, you’re only as good as your last project.

I know the importance of reputation, and I will fight with passionate ferocity to defend it. It is more valuable than any camera, lens, or lighting kit I could ever own. Without it, I have nothing. My reputation is what validates my level of professionalism, skill, creativity, and authenticity. It is what makes me stand out among the masses, and it provides a guarantee of my commitment and dedication to those I work with.

This journey requires sacrifice. It demands my time. It fuels my passion. It both mocks and inspires me. It tests my limits. It shapes my life. It exposes me to ridicule and praise. It offers me no guarantee. It allows me no rest. It defines who I am.

I learn from those ahead of me. I teach those who follow. I take chances and develop new skills always. I practice, I study, I train. I give my respect to those who give it to me. I give none to those mistake my kindness for weakness or abuse my trust. My cast and crew are like family and I give credit were credit is due.

I am driven to constantly challenge the way I see film. While it’s technology evolves, the foundation of telling a story remains constant.

I search for inspiration and embrace it when it finds me, as it often finds me when I least expect it, or when I feel like giving up. There is a reason why we fall…

As a filmmaker… I am a dreamer, a storyteller, and a visionary. This is a bold statement, but it is a bold ambition. I see life through the lens and I play with shadows and light. I create worlds and characters that don’t exist. But if even for a moment, I suspend your belief, then I believe I have succeeded.

Some may love my work, others may hate it. It can anger, scare, offend, or make a person laugh or cry. As long as there is an emotion to be experienced, it was worth the motion of calling “Action”.

Is it worth the fight? Without a doubt, the answer is “Yes”! If it takes a lifetime to define myself, then it would not be a wasted life.

I am a filmmaker… and I have a story to show you.


Some stuff about me

First and Foremost... Martial Arts.
I've been actively involved in combative martial arts and tactical fighting since I was 12. It is how I define myself, and has been a lifelong journey of discovery and evolution.

Aside from my work in films/TV, I've been a trainer as far back as I can recall. Since the age of 16 I've been teaching others. I spent several years studying in France and Tahiti under men/warriors unlike anything I've ever encountered. To walk among them is a great honor, to be recognized by them is even greater. I pass onto others what they taught to me as best as I can.

Tigers, Lions, and Leopards...
Since 2005, I've been an active volunteer/sponsor at Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue. It is perhaps the single most rewarding aspect of my life. It's the very reason I left Florida and returnd to Wisconsin, along with this areas local epic landscapes.

I take great pride in my involvement with this amazing rescue. As a part of my commitment to their safety, health, and quality of life, I donate 5% of each project and production to WBCR.

While I am alive... I WILL live. My life has been anything but ordinary, despite being born with the odds against me. While I grew up in a small town and struggled financially throughout most of my life... I never settled for anything. The life I've experienced has been the life I choose. Throughout all of its hardships and falls, I've not given up.

I find great pleasure in traveling the world, skydiving, skiing in the mountains, working with our Tigers and Lions, Motorcycling, Hiking, Kayaking, and running my own businesses.

I'm a Nerd, and Umm... I'm pretty proud.
Yes I fight, train fighters, work with Tigers and Lions, workout, shave my head, have tattoos and earrings... but when the gloves come off, the PS4 controller comes on 🙂

I love being a photographer and cinematographer. In my downtime, which is few and far between, I'm a gamer, and love playing with my two cats ``Butters & Babou``.

Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue Logo

Since 2005, I’ve been an active volunteer/sponsor at Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue. This is home to 30 Tigers, Lions, and Leopards that have been abused, neglected, and unwanted, until they came to us. WBCR provides a safe haven for these majestic animals, and we educate the public about their lives, and how we can help improve them. It is perhaps the single most rewarding aspect of my life, and the very reason I’ve chosen to relocate back to this area, along with the beautiful surrounding landscapes.

I take great pride in involvement with this rescue and working with the owners and these amazing animals. As part of my commitment to their safety, health, and quality of life, I donate 5% of every project I work on towards the rescue.

By working with me, you’re helping to support a worthy cause. Visit Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue

Kaizen Master Logo White Combat-02

Since I was 12 years old, I’ve been actively involved in tactical and combative martial arts. I began teaching when I was 16, and have spent several years training in France and Tahiti under fighters beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in martial arts. This method of training is not about memorizing forms, playing with useless weapons, learning fancy poses, or winning plastic trophies in pretend fights. It is combat in its most pure form. This method of training develops instinct, muscle memory, situational awareness, adaptation, improvisation, and concept application.

I train enthusiasts and fighters. I define who I am through my martial arts training, it is everything to me. What I do is unique… No Rank, No Title, No Style… it is beyond martial arts. My studio Kaizen: Tactical Combatives shares the same location as I Am Cinema.

Feel free to Visit Kaizen: Tactical Combatives

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